A method based on listening and attention to detail.


We believe in an idea of wealth that includes not only income and assets, but also, and above all, the cultural heritage and values handed down from generation to generation. And we believe that this wealth should be preserved and enhanced through careful planning.

We study the family’s composition, assets, and income flows in every detail. We coordinate the process of drawing up the family mission statement. Together, we outline strategic guidelines and shared goals and identify the best suppliers to meet each of our clients’ specific needs.


Orisea’s Board is composed by highly reliable and experienced professionals who are driven by the same passion and work ethics:


Matteo Rapinesi, Chairman of the BoD
Francesco Amoresano, Director in the BoD
Dario Augello, Director in the BoD

What we do

The Orisea Group’s Family Office acts as a coordination centre for the administration and enhancement of family assets. We provide you with professional advice and support in strategic and decision-making processes to help you consolidate your assets and, more generally, ensure the well-being of your family, your business, and its stakeholders.



La Trust Company del gruppo Orisea ti offre tutti i servizi connessi

all’istituzione e alla gestione ordinaria di un trust.

The Trust Company of the Orisea Group offers you all services related to the establishment and day-to-day management of a trust.

A trust is a flexible legal instrument that an individual – known as the Settlor – decides to use to create a separate and independent wealth, which a Trustee will administer in the interests of the Beneficiaries, under the supervision of a Guardian.



The Orisea Group includes a fiduciary that you can rely on to manage your assets and financial assets.

The Fiduciary operates as a designated representative, to whom any principal may assign the task of formally placing an interest in a right, i.e. in one or more assets, whose property will still be held by the trustor. The Trust company ensures that the property is administered professionally and transparently with regard to the trustor, and confidentially with regard to third parties. The administration of all involved assets is performed according to the instructions provided by the principal, to whom the trust company is bound.