To build wealth that lasts over time

Our mission

Orisea’s mission is to protect and enhance our clients’ assets, build strategies and ensure continuity of their values and founding principles and those of the family community.

Our clients

We advise entrepreneurs, professionals, high-net-worth individuals, sports personalities, artists and art collectors, owners of real estate or leisure assets, international investors, families looking for the appropriate tools to protect their vulnerable members, and more. Our service is dedicated to those looking for the prudent protection of their assets, and for the right tools to maintain and build wealth that will last over time.

The Orisea team

Our teamwork is our strength. The team consists of professionals with vast experience and many years of specialisation in the legal, fiscal and economic and financial analysis sectors.

Independent by nature and discreet by vocation, we propose technical solutions that are up to date and in line with best practice worldwide,  guaranteeing the strictest confidentiality.

We operate in multiple jurisdictions. We draw on a network of highly  expert international partners to support our clients worldwide.