AF Fiduciaria: the Orisea Group fiduciary company

AF Società di Amministrazione Fiduciaria S.p.A. (in short AF S.p.a.) is the fiduciary company of the Orisea group, subject to the management and coordination of Orisea Family Office S.r.l., incorporated on 15 May 1997 by a Notary Deed drawn up by Raffaele Chiddo, Notary Public in Verona, with share capital of EUR 78,000.00 (seventy-eight thousand/00), fully paid-up.


The company has been licensed to perform fiduciary activities since 2001, in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 1966 of 23 November 1939 and by virtue of the Authorisation of the Ministry of Economic Development of 11 September 2001, published on 6 October 2001 in issue no. 233 of the Official Gazette and confirmed, following a change in the company name, by the Ministerial Decree of 12 January 2005, published in issue no. 34 of the Official Gazette of 11 February 2005.


AF S.p.A. is registered in the Verona Companies Register under number 02779790233 and Economic Administrative Register (R.E.A.) number VR-282840. 


Tax code and VAT number: 02779790233.


The company is a member of Assofiduciaria since 2005 and has its registered office in Verona, at 26, via Leoncino (postcode 37121).



t. + 39 045 84 03 839







The Board of Directors is composed of Mr. Gabriele Di Nuzzo, as Chairman, Mr. Lorenzo Zampieri, as Managing Director, Mr. Francesco Amoresano and Ms. Cristina Tamba as Directors.


The person in charge of anti-money laundering and reporting of suspicious transactions is Ms. Cristina Tamba.


The corporate purpose includes, inter alia, the exercise of the fiduciary assignments and administration of third party assets and rights, accounting services and auditing for companies, and representation of shareholders, holders of company shareholdings and bondholders: all these activities are covered by Law no. 1966 of 23 November 1939, its implementing regulation and subsequent supplementary, amending or replacement regulations. 


AF S.p.A. may also perform all the functions proper to fiduciary and auditing companies, including the placement of public or private securities, also through participation in placement syndicates.


The fiduciary company of the Orisea Group may also act as trustee or protector with respect to trusts wherever established and governed by any law.


Finally, the corporate purpose provides for the possibility of carrying out data management, processing and marketing activities through computer networks and/or by correspondence.


The Board of Statutory Auditors of AF S.p.A. is composed of Mr. Michele Martini, as Chairman, and of Standing Auditors Mr. Luca Marani and Mr. Giovanni Rizzi.